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Parallettes: Body-weight Exercise for Results Anywhere

9:23 pm on a Tuesday - I got a text from a client "Coach, I can't believe how different my body looks after just two weeks of using my parallettes. I think those L-Sits are paying off :)"

Parallettes are an old school way of building your body, your abilities, and your strength from anywhere due to the portability of the equipment, and the fact that the only other equipment you need is your body.

But is parallette training for everyone? Or are parallettes only for elite bodyweight athletes?

Parallettes are wooden bars that give you little extra range of motion from the ground, keep your wrist in a neutral position, and can be used for hundreds of body-weight exercises - from beginner to advanced.

I'll share three of the most common and effective parallette exercises that you can combine into a gymnastic workout, or use to get more advanced in your wooden parallette training.

It's important to make sure the wrists are warm before doing a full parallette workout, so ensure that you start off with some wrist circles and other exercises to get the blood flowing.

Parallette Exercise #1: Pushup

parallette pushup

The parallette pushup is a great exercise that takes pressure off of the wrists, helps increase torque and strength through the upper body, and can be progressed to a lot of fun and challenging variations like: archer pushups, divebomber pushups, and single arm pushups. 

For a complete program, check out my Parallette Training Guide

Parallette Exercise #2: Handstand

parallette handstand

Another great exercise that builds strength through the upper back, core, shoulders, pecs and arms, handstands on parallettes are great because they allow you to protect the wrist and learn to get more stable - faster.

Handstands can also be progressed to several great variations - handstand pushups, single arm handstand holds, and wide handstands. All which train different attributes and can be advanced or made easier easily.

Parallette Exercise #3: L-Sit

parallette L-sit

One of the best exercises you can be doing for a strong, physically fit body, parallette L-Sits are an exercise that trains the whole anterior core of the body. This means basically that it hits every muscle you see when you look in the mirror. This exercise has been a staple for me over the years when I needed to deliver an fast result to a client that had a beach vacation, and wanted to look amazing!

By building stronger triceps, pecs, and lats, while chiseling the core (seriously, try it) you get the V look that men and women both desire.

L-sits allow you to try harder exercises and advance your training by having strong shoulders and core to attempt more difficult manuevers. If you're looking for a step by step approach to your parallette training to go along with your wooden parallettes, check out my Parallette Training Guide.

Start Playing

When your exercise routine is fun - you don't have to worry about being motivated enough to train, you do it because you see results and you enjoy the process.

Don't wait another year to start enjoying your training. Get your parallettes today and start creating movement magic in your home, gym, hotel, or even at the beach!

Make your body work for you, and you'll look and feel like the athlete you are.

The Only Limit is Your Mind

Parallette training is incredibly rewarding when you gain control of the basics and are able to start creating your own flowThis just applies to the way you move from exercise to exercise.

Learn straddles, planches, handstands, headstands, levers, full body pushups, Tucks, swings and more with your set of paralletes. Embrace your inner gymnast and start today.

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